Where it all kinda started was...



I decided to take time off from college.

I was going into my Junior year and I just felt like I needed something different. So, I went with my gut, moved back home to Philly, and tried something new. What came out of the journey, is "That's Baum."


I grew up near the city and all that goes with it. I was fortunate enough to grow up with two incredible parents (Hi Kim and Dave!) who cherished art and culture as much as food, and who always drove me to run after my dreams.

As a part of this blog, I wanted to create a platform for myself where I can have fun, continue to write, and connect with my community. I thought about how I could do that, and I realized that there was an opening to be filled. I had always supported local business, and I knew there are so many wonderful women entrepreneurs and small business owners that I could learn from.  So, I started to reach out to many of these amazing people to inquire if I could speak with them about how they got started, where their passions lie about what they do, and have a good old fun time highlighting their business. It has been a wonderful journey so far.

On that note, I am interested in everything. Many people have a niche, I don't believe I do other than the fact I just want everyone to feel authentically themselves when they come here. I am inspired by what is around me and what I seek out. Fashion, art, food, travel, animals, literature, social media, funny memes are just a few things I take a liking to but I am sure as I grow, that list will too. This blog is also meant to reflect that journey of growing.

Currently, I have recently started up school again at Villanova University. I am continuing studies in Communications and Classics and am working in the financial services sector.

So if you're here to come along for that ride, welcome. Let's have some fun.


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