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Hear My Roar

Hear My Roar

As a young woman, I am constantly inspired by other strong, powerful and resilient women around me. They give me strength, and help me visualize the kind of life I want for myself. With all of the noise that is in the world, I have always wanted to use my voice for good. I am going to use my voice now to highlight the women in my life who mean more to me than they will ever know.

Thank you, ladies, for helping me grow, for raising me up, and for loving me unconditionally. I love you, fiercely, right back.

1) My mother, you are my champion. You have been my role model from day one, I love you.

2) My best friend's mother, you are my comfort. You have helped raise Melinda and I into amazing women, and I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we are grateful for you and my mother every day.

3) My best friend, Melinda, you are my partner in crime. I cannot imagine this life without you. For 20 years you have been by my side and one day, when you are a successful doctor, and I am a struggling writer, be sure to have a guest room for me.

4) My business partner, Alli, you have brought so much light into my life when all I saw was darkness. You push me, and you believe in me, even when I want to quit, and want to lose hope.

5) My business partner, Nicole, you bring laughter and joy into my life by being so uniquely you. You helped me find my voice by being unapologetically yourself.

6) My sister and friend, Sophie, you have seen me, the real me, through trials I could not even explain. You remind me everyday to continue on a journey to self awareness and love.

7) My soul sister, Jill, you give me hope for the future. Your love and passion for all people inspire me to work harder, and to love harder every day.

8) My twin, Kirsten, it was fate that brought us together as kindred spirits. Now that I have you, I will not let you go. Your confidence fuels me to be more confident in myself.

9) My friend, Cillian, you inspire me to work for what I want. You have taught me so much about relationships, friends, work life, even though most of that teaching has been from afar, it means the world to me.

10) My sisters in faith, Melissa, Kirsten, Alicia, Kristen, you are my rocks.

11) This number is reserved for all the women who have came before me, who I will never meet, but will always remember in my heart. Thank you. You have given me the right to be who I am, and encourage me to use my voice so others can hear my roar.


Love, M.B.

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