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Paris in a Box: Skincare Edition

Paris in a Box: Skincare Edition

Things I know for certain:

my skin hates the cold, and I hate crazy skincare routines.

I am too lazy to have a certain skincare regime, so up until this point in my adult life I haven't had much of a say in what skincare products I use, or have any recommendations for other pale, sometimes dry, sometimes oily acne prone skin gals (or guys) like myself. Until now.

After complaining for weeks about having dry skin with this crazy winter weather my friend told me to sit down and try a brand called Darphin. I had never heard of it, but I figured why not let's give it a go. 


Who is Darphin?

As my friend recommended this, I did some research of my own.

Darphin is a Parisian company founded in 1958, in the height of the skincare infancy. Pierre Darphin, a Parisian kinesiotherapist created the Darphin Institute in the middle of Paris and hoped to find a great skincare product for every person no matter what skin type, or age. Not much as changed since. They fuse botanical ingredients and innovative technologies to create specialized, sensory techniques for every skin type.

If none of that makes any sense: basically they've been around the block once or twice so I felt like my skin was in good hands (literally)

I found that the most accessible place to go try, and purchase Darphin is at Blue Mercury. After explaining my skin wants and concerns, we chose 3 products that would help out my skin as we ride out these awful next 6 weeks of winter.

Here we go... 

From left to right: Tangerine Aromatic Care, Lumiere Essentielle Oil Gel-Cream, HYDRASKIN Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum.

(Let's pull up our hair and get this started.)

The Lumiere Essentielle Cream is amazing. Hands down, I think this is the best cream I have used.

If you have dry skin like me, you know how irritating it can be when you're trying to moisturize and the texture is either too light where you have to apply a few coats, or it's so heavy your face seems to be drowning in product. Neither of this was true for this guy. I started to use it in the morning before I put makeup on, and at night and I saw such a difference that I ended up only needing it at night after a few days.

This bad boy gets all the hand claps.


The Tangerine Aromatic Care confused me at first. Is it an oil? Is it aromatherapy?

After learning about more of the product I learned that it is considered an essential oil meant to care for and combat the "first signs of aging." Now, I'm 21 so anti-aging is not my first concern and I am always afraid of putting oil near my face (because, hello oily skin) but I gave it a chance. Immediately I noticed a difference.

It is infused with tangerine, grapefruit, sweet orange, and lemon oils and while that may seem a bit too "frangrancy" I felt it was the perfect amount to make your skin smell great but not be overpowering. I also noticed my skin was a lot brighter in the mornings when I would wakeup, without feeling or looking greasy.

Would I use it all the time? Probably not. But I will definitely keep it in my vanity for when I feel like my skin needs a pick me up. With that said, I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels like skin brightening, and fighting anti-aging is your most important concern.


The HYDRASKIN Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum is exactly what is sounds like. It is a serum that is meant to hydrate your skin. Score.

The texture of this did take me by surprise, though. It was a watery substance that felt oily so I was on guard about how greasy it would make my skin. To my surprise, and delight, there was no reason for such concern. This is my favorite product that was picked out. It made my skin feel so moisturized and soft I truly cannot remember the last time my skin felt this good. My makeup looked better on, and my skin felt woken up again, even in the midst of the snow storm that was coming down. I am excited to keep using this product to see how well it will stand for long periods of time by keeping my skin hydrated especially with the 6 more weeks of winter coming up but I have a feeling I will only be more impressed as time goes on. If you're going to try all of the three products I've talked about, invest in this one.

A Special Gift from Paris, with Love.

Along with the treats from Darphin (who is owned by The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.) I was given a sample of Petit Matin Eau de Perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Paris. (It can be purchased at Neiman Marcus.) It smells like Paris on an early spring day. With fresh scents citrus and floral with a hint of woodiness, I am very excited to wear this come spring time and daydream that I am in Paris.

Welp... that's all folks.

I hope you enjoyed my journey of trying to find a better skincare routine and I hope you learned a few things as well (I know I did.) If you have any questions feel free to reach out, or if you have other recommendations of things I should try next I want to hear them!


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