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Thank You, Donald Trump.

Thank You, Donald Trump.

Dear Donald Trump,

I need to start by saying, thank you. Thank you for running for president, and thank you for bringing so many important issues to the forefront of this election. You have brought some of the most crucial underlying problems of our nation to the front pages of newspapers, to the top stories on TV stations, and mostly important, to the family dinner table. You have opened up a whole new perspective to so many Americans who believe that some of these problems no longer exist, or never existed in the first place. I’m sure you are wondering what sort of “problems” I am focusing on. Lucky for you, I have bolded them so they cannot be overlooked.

Donald, thank you for validating that racism is alive and well in America. You have single handedly reminded everyone that racism did not die when the Civil Rights Movement ended. I have watched you insult black, hispanic, Mexican, Muslims (or anyone who “looks” like a Muslim) and many other minority groups. I have watched my neighbors, peers, friends, and complete strangers express their genuine concern for their life, and the lives of those dear to them because of your outlandish remarks like calling them “rapists” and promises that you will ban them from our country, build a wall, or worse. Many Americans deny that racism is a problem in America, or they just believe it is a “southern problem”. If the Black Lives Matter movement has not convinced them that racism is real throughout this entire country, you have. You are not a “good old Southern boy” your racist ideals did not come from below the Mason Dixon Line. You are an Ivy League educated, New Yorker who clearly just has no regard for basic human dignity. You have brought to light all of the dark secrets that hide deep within American racism, and now we can work on changing it.

Donald, thank you for bringing the issues of sexual assault and rape culture to the mainstream. I have had more conversations about rape, sexual assault, consent, and “locker room talk” when it is in regards to you, than when the Brock Turner case hit the news. You have sexually assaulted women, used your power and money to get away with it and sweep it under the rug. You have never been to trial, and you have never be jailed for your crimes. It is men like you who joke about sexual assault that allow for things such as “locker room talk” to exist, and you are a part of the reason so many men think that disrespecting and demeaning women is okay, just because they are women. Your snide comments and your behavior have reminded people that just because women can vote, and a woman can run for President does not mean that sexism no longer exists in America, it does. Now, we can work on changing it.

Donald, thank you for reminding us that people with disabilities matter, and that we need to fight for their rights just as much as our own. Your insensitivity to war veterans who have a disability due to combat, your remarks towards a disabled reporter and various other incidents have proven that you do not have plans to further the rights and protection of disabled citizens. Thank you for showing us that every citizen, their rights, and their dignity, matter. Some people do not have, or know someone with a severe disability but many people do. Thank you for reminding those “some people” of their duty to always be vigilant to those with disabilities so we can work on making our policies work for all citizens.

Donald, thank you for reminding us that climate change is real. By you claiming that it is a “hoax” by the Chinese government, you have scientists coming out of the woodwork once again to prove you wrong. Climate change is real, and it is killing our environment. We need to be educated on it, and learn how we are going to take better care of our planet. We only have one, and your remarks are reminding people of that, so thank you for putting this important matter back into a conversation so that we may pass more policies locally, and federally to ensure that our planet is able survive.

Donald, thank you for putting a face to the 1%. Many people, especially around taxes look at the 1% and say, “Oh, well, they worked for their money. So why should they have to pay more taxes?” I’ll tell you why. Because of the practices that you exhibit. You did not pay your taxes, because you were able to work the system to your favor. Many people can say that makes you a smart business man, but all America can see is the exact reason why we have to have stricter tax laws. Try explaining your methods to a family struggling with medical bills, like mine. My family has paid all of their taxes, we are in a higher tax bracket than many other people because of my mother’s job, and live in a high property tax area. When my father got sick and had to quit his job, we suddenly had large amounts of medical bills to pay, a loss of income, along with all of the other expenses that come in when you are raising a family. But we never got a tax break, we still made our payments because we know what they go towards. Public education, our military, health care, veteran benefits, transportation and all of the other programs that allow our society to function. We all want to believe that every citizen pays taxes to go towards these programs and help our government work, but you have shown us that that is not the case. Because if you aren’t paying your taxes, and you are able to bend the rules, I wonder how many other people are able to do that too. Thank you for opening up this honest conversation about taxes so that we can work to fix them and make sure taxes can be distributed in a more workable way.

Above all, Donald, thank you for reminding me that my vote matters. I have the ability to vote you into office, or shove you right back into that rabbit hole you came out of. That, is empowering. I am a woman, a millennial and a student and you have shown me that being politically engaged is important if I want to grow in a country that supports me. I have the power to change how our government works and I think many people in this election are taking that for granted. Thank you for reminding me not to.

No matter what the outcome is in this election, Donald Trump, thank you. These issues will be there with or without you in office, and I can only thank you for being the mascot that brought them to the light that they deserve to be in so we can all have a more honest conversation about where this country is going, and how we can work to make it better.




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