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Keeping Cozy in Cali

Keeping Cozy in Cali

The style you see here is all by Mad Hatter Boutique. Find their information towards the end of the post and a link to their online shop.

Outfit Notes:

We have all seen them, but have you really appreciated them? I'm talking about this blanket shaw. Not only did it SAVE me from the cold nights in San Fransisco (who knew California wasn't sunshine all the time?) it was also made me feel put together. I kept the rest of my outfit very simple and let this shaw make the statement, mainly because whenever people would compliment me on it, I went on a tangent on how comfortable it was and how I could not possible travel without it from here on out. I used it on the train as a pillow, and a blanket on the plane ride back to Philadelphia. It was cute, comfortable, and had some color! Which you all know I need in abundance. 

My suggestion? Go out and buy it ASAP.


Mad Hatter Info:

Mat Hatter Boutique

2626 West Chester Pike

Broomall, PA 19008


Mad Hatter Website

- M.B.

Rebel Soul

Rebel Soul

Paint it Black

Paint it Black