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Nauti for the Night

Nauti for the Night

Hey, hello, ya'll!

I got so many messages and comments about where to buy this dress so I put together a quick little post so you guys can know exactly where I got everything, plus I'll tell you how I got to meet Dallas Shaw, you know, the amazing blogger that just came out with her book "The Way She Wears It" say I was star struck was an understatement. Some girls swoon over boy bands, I swoon over pretty clothes and visual design. Without any further or do, let's get to the clothes!


Outfit Details:

Dress: "The Hartley Dress" by ellelauri

Earrings: ellelauri (call for more info!)

Anchor Bracelet: The Preppy Palm 

Clutch: Longchamp

Sandals: Jack Rogers





So, for those who don't know... Dallas is the ultimate girl boss. As her website states, "She is the most sought after fashion illustrator in the industry, acting as: artist, project designer and style ambassador to the most powerful fashion houses." Her client list seems almost unreal. She’s THE girl designers, beauty brands and even travel companies call, and call back, to lend drawings and style expertise at the beginning of every important product launch. In addition to her day job(s), her personal style is watched closely by 300,000 faithful fashion followers, checking her social websites daily for as much art, fashion, beauty, and travel content they can get their eyes on.

I have been a loyal follower of hers for such a long time, she served as a huge inspiration for my blog. Getting to meet her at my favorite place in the city, The Deck at the Moshulu, is the equivalent of a One-Directoner meeting Harry Styles. She is just as sweet online as she is in person not to mention... drop. dead. gorgeous. It was such an amazing night, I even got my copy of her book "The Way She Wears It" signed! On the days where blogging seems to much, or I'm too busy it's moments like these and women like this who make it truly worth while! Enough gushing for one post guys... until time time.

Night Moves

Night Moves

Tropical Punch Dress

Tropical Punch Dress