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The Next Chapter feat. Kyle Cavan

Here we are! New chapter, new page, new adventure, however you’d like to word it, I am here. A college (and employed) graduate! After finishing up some credits that were not met when I transferred, I received my diploma from Villanova Univeristy with a B.A. in Communications!


To commemorate, and keep Villanova and my faith with me as I go onto the next chapter I found Kyle Cavan! With over 20 school designs, Kyle Cavan is a woman owned brand that specializes in collegiate jewelry! Once I saw them, I couldn’t think of a better graduation gift and I know every time I put it on I am taken back to this point of my life which is full of possibilities and memories! Specifically mine shown below is from their Architecture Collection and it is of Villanova’s St. Thomas Cathedral which is at the heart of our campus.


About Kyle Cavan:


In 2017, we saw a need for college jewelry that was not only stylish, but that captured the bold and fearless spirit of young women today. Something that could proudly remind them of their pasts long into their futures. But there was one problem - it didn’t exist. So we did what any modern women would do - we did it ourselves.

Since then, we’ve been dedicated to creating timeless class jewelry inspired by the fearless dreamers of today. Or as we like to call it, The Class of Now.”

With their beautiful bracelets, necklaces and more these pieces are the perfect gift for a new graduate, college bffs, or a sweet treat to yourself for stepping into this milestone in your education and life!

Out of Office Oxford

Out of Office Oxford