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Blend That Shit: Vol. I

Blend That Shit: Vol. I

Why Smoothies Though?


I am young, I am (relatively) broke, I am in college, and I hate making breakfast. Those are the basics you need to know before you read this.

I am writing these recipes because they have become a part of my routine and have truly made me a healthier and happier human, plus many people have requested the recipes and I didn't want to keep them all to myself.

I don't like frills, or anything complicated when it comes to making food because of the conditions stated above. I have always hated the idea of making breakfast for myself especially when I'm usually sprinting out of the door, with one shoe on so I don't have time to fool around with a meal that takes for than 5 minutes. So, I started eating out a lot and while it wasn't a bad thing, I definitely felt the effect of it in my wallet, and in my mood. I never chose the healthiest thing, I got very tired and by the time lunch rolled around I was starving.

I also don't drink coffee and so while everyone usually has a cup to start their morning, I didn't have many other options for a healthy way to boost my mood and metabolism. Because of everything stated here, I found smoothies. Now, the only meal I use these for are breakfast, or for a snack. I do not recommend you using these as a meal replacer, they just aren't meant for that. These also aren't smoothies meant for losing weight. They are meant to be easy, cheap, and quick ways to make sure that you at least something of good substance in your stomach before you conquer your day.


What I Use/What You'll need:



Magic Bullet (invest in this, trust me, or a blender, whatever works for you. I like the MB because it usually gives me one serving and that's usually all I make for. Here's one that gives you a cup and blender in one on Amazon)

Ice (If your fridge doesn't make ice like mine, buy ice sheets at the dollar store and fill them up every night!)

Yogurt and/or Almond Butter (true Paleo does not let you eat dairy...but I need more calcium so I use it with yogurt and substitute when I need to.)

Fresh Fruit (I live next to a farmer's market, so it is easy for me to get cheap produce. I also have been known to steal some from the dining halls at my college. If you can't, use frozen fruit you can get at any supermarket, they're not expensive and won't go bad!)

Chia Seeds (I have found that these don't affect the taste of the smoothies so if you have them, great, if not...nbd. Interested in the health benefits? Check this out here)

Reusable Cups (I am always on the go, so I need a to-go cup. Don't waste energy trying to get disposables. You can find these at Marshall's/Target/ and they shouldn't be more than a few bucks. I got mine at Marshall's for $4, here's a link: 6 Pack)

The Recipes


Cup of Summer

1 peeled kiwi

10 strawberries 

1 banana

Cup of banana yogurt (I use Trader Joe's yogurt)

Few cubes of ice


Go Straw-nanas

5 strawberries

10 small cubes of pineapple

1 cup of banana yogurt



Merry Berry

10 raspberries

5 strawberries

25 blueberries

1 cup of blueberry yogurt



When Life Gives You Lemons

10 strawberries 

1 cup of vanilla yogurt

Half of a Lemon squeezed

1 tablespoon of honey



If You Like Pina Coladas

10 small cubes of pineapple (or pineapple juice)

1 frozen banana

Coconut yogurt (If you can't find this, coconut water works too! Just add almond milk for consistency) 



The Ultimate Breakfast

1 scoop of Almond Butter

10 chunks chucks of pineapple

1 Banana

1 cup of Vanilla Yogurt

Ground Nutmeg (if you wish)



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