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Throwing Shade and Suede

Throwing Shade and Suede

Meet, Mad Hatter Boutique.

Walking into Mad Hatter is like walking into an actual Wonderland. I felt like all of my girl childhood dreams had come true, but it was even better because it had clothes that would actually fit me. Full of color, fun, and a true passion for great clothing without breaking the bank, I was sold. I sat down with the owner, Danielle, who used to be a buyer for Urban Outfitters and I felt like we had known each other for years. Instead of pushing pieces on me like some big department stores do, she made me feel like I was in my own playground. I was free to find the funkiest outfits and because of that not only was I inspired to embrace my style, I was actually motivated to find things that I normally would not gravitate to.

And that's what style is guys. It's not copying something from a magazine, or forcing yourself into the outfit on the mannequin. It's cultivating your wardrobe to reflect you. What you love, and what inspires you. I am a firm believer in that one outfit can change your perspective and one shopping experience can open a door to something you never thought existed within yourself. So thank you, Mad Hatter, for allowing me to have that experience. I am very excited to share all the pieces I chose with you that worked perfectly with the warm weather in California. 

Mad Hatter Boutique located in Broomall, Pennsylvania (right outside of Philly) features fun, fashionable, unique, and comfortable clothing with real women in mind. Packed with a vivid imagination, and eye for comfort, this new boutique offers so much. They bring quality pieces at affordable prices and with the best service in the game. Each piece is felt (yes, felt) for maximum comfort and tried on by the owner to ensure quality. For as the owner says, "If I wouldn't feel comfortable in it... neither would my customers. So I only stock pieces that are soft and that I would feel good wearing." It was also very refreshing for Mad Hatter to offer a variety of different styles, for different body types. Danielle, the owner, recognizes that not all two body types are the same, just as no two ideas are the same, so her stock is filled with eclectic styles, and colors for all body types. She gets new stocks in every week, so every time you walk in it's like you're walking into the boutique for the first time. They also have a great online store and Instagram presence (@madhatterbroomall) so even if you are not from the Philly area, they are definitely a place to check out!

The style you see here is all by Mad Hatter Boutique. Find their information towards the end of the post and a link to their online shop.

Outfit Notes:

I am in love with this skirt. As explained in my intro, everything Danielle (owner of Mad Hatter) picks is soft. This skirt is no exception. It's soft, easy to move in and in my opinion, the cutest suede skirt I have ever seen. I am really excited to pair this with a ton of different tops but I felt this outfit was perfect to show off the detail, and keep the LA vibe alive.


Mad Hatter Info:

Mat Hatter Boutique

2626 West Chester Pike

Broomall, PA 19008


Mad Hatter Website

- M.B.

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